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Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is used to nourish and balance the body. We mostly prescribe medicinal herbs in granule form. Granules are simple to prepare. They dissolve easily in a small amount of boiling water and are drunk like tea. Herbs are mixed together to create a formula specifically suited for each client and their needs. As a clients condition changes and improves, the formula can be modified accordingly to ensure optimal recovery. 

Many Chinese herbs are also available in pill or capsule form, which can be very convenient in some circumstances, for example during travel. 

Chinese herbal medicine can be used very effectively for acute disorders such as colds or digestive upsets or for more chronic conditions such as hormonal imbalances or autoimmune diseases. Usually, a high dose will be prescribed for a short period for an acute issue. If the issue is of a chronic nature the herbs will generally provide some relief quickly. However, for sustainable results a longer herbal treatment is often recommended. 

The aim of Chinese (herbal) medicine is to treat the cause of a problem and not just the symptoms. 

Our qualified practitioners will ensure that your herbs can be used safely in conjunction with other supplements or medications you are taking. 

Chinese herbs in glass containers and bottles
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